Unit 1 Summary

Posting my never-to-be-finished summary of course content.

What did you learn in CSE 152? (v1)
   last updated 12/21/18 1:30pm California time

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Discussion 7: HW3 Overview

Here are the slides from today’s discussion, and a brief derivation of the epipolar constraint.

Slides (v4) Epipolar Constraint Derivation (v2)
   last updated 01/19/19 10:20pm California time

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Discussion 3: Filters and Frequencies

Here are the slides and worksheet from today’s discussion. (Update: solutions posted.)

Slides (v4) Worksheet (v2) Solutions (v1)
   last updated 11/19/18 4:09pm California time

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Notes on Lecture 3: Linear Algebra II

Here are some scribed notes from Hao’s linear algebra lecture today, which recap a few of the interesting results he mentioned. As a standard disclaimer, this isn’t a proper substitute for attending/watching lecture yourself or taking your own notes – for instance, I didn’t bother to write down everything, nor did I address the justifications for many ideas.

   last updated 10/16/18 1:48pm California time

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Welcome to CSE 152!

As the title says, welcome to CSE 152!

Looking forward to publishing lots of computer vision learning materials on this website. I’ll make a post whenever there’s new content to share, such as notes, videos, or other resources for the class. For your convenience, all of the posts will be aggregated and organized on the Resources page.

Here’s to a nice fulfilling fall quarter! :)

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