I would like to encourage interactivity. There are several ways you can engage...

Commenting on posts

Please comment on these posts if you are confused or have anything to say! I would love to see (among many other things) questions, alternative explanations, or block texts decrying my lack of coherency. For tips on making good comments, see here.

Why do this? Pedagogy research has found that formalizing your thoughts helps with learning.

Teaching the material

In the words of the theoretical computer scientist Christos Papadimitriou, "teaching is the only way I know to understand something." I think there's a lot of truth to that statement. If you want to get a really good grasp on something, you should try teaching it – summarize the importance, the main ideas, the math, etc. This should make the concept much clearer in your head, and you might even encounter cracks in your understanding that you can fix.

But many of you may not have the opportunity to teach. So that you have no excuse, I'd like to make sure that you can teach if you so desire. That is, you're free to explain concepts to me, a questioning and responsive student. I'm serious; I'll create a number of 30-minute Google calendar slots that you can book each week, to present computer vision to someone who cares about it (yours truly). Note: I would expect some level of preparation, e.g. a plan of attack that includes slides or a readiness to illustrate the material on paper/whiteboard. You can go over any topic (or tangential topic) we've covered in the class so far.

Of course, there would be no outward-facing incentive to this, i.e. it's unofficial and not explicitly part of any grade, but I hope that it would still impact your learning in a positive way. On the plus side, it's low-pressure and purely for your benefit!

You can book a teaching slot via the Google calendar linked below.

Tips on giving a presentation: check out these slides by Antonio Torralba, or these by Kristen Grauman.

Office hours

If there's anything else you'd like to talk about, you can visit me in office hours.