I'm Owen and this is my website for CSE 152 at UCSD. If you're interested in me, check out my biographical sketch. If you're interested in CSE 152, check out the class website or the description and roadmap on this page. If you're interested in UCSD, try a Google search. :)

Feel free to contact me at owen [at] eng.ucsd.edu or via anonymous form. I would love to have feedback about anything at all.

What is CSE 152?

CSE 152 is a class about computer vision, i.e. acquiring meaning from images, i.e. teaching computers to see, to perform the visual processing that humans are capable of and more.

We will cover the topics shown in the course roadmap to the rightbelow. Excitingly, Prof. Su is updating the course this semester to provide a more comprehensive (including modern) CV foundation, with topics such as normalized cuts, semantic segmentation, and deep learning.

Learning Philosophy

Where CV is concerned, learning is an active process. You need to be making the connections yourself, filling in the blanks; it will do you no good to have everything just told to you. The point – to understand - is to be able to rederive any of these things yourself, formulate your own conclusions, generate your own thoughts. If you're memorizing, you're doing it wrong. Think! Write out the math on your own! It should be a feedback loop, and you should be contributing.

I also think that a great way to learn is to teach. Therefore, I want to give you guys the opportunity to teach as well.

If you ever really need help, I encourage you to send me an email or come see me in my office hours. Struggling endlessly without direction is even worse than getting everything told to you.

Course Roadmap


Fr 8:00am - 8:50am   CENTER 216
Note: alternate with other TAs

Office Hours

Tu 7:00pm - 8:00pm   EBU3B B240A