CS 170
Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems

This is the website for Owen's Spring 2018 CS 170 section. Like aforementioned algorithms, this website is efficient.


If necessary, you can reach me via email at owenjow@berkeley.edu. Leave anonymous feedback here. Tell me your favorite bagels and books here.

Section Resources

01/24Asymptotic AnalysisSlides, Video
01/31Master TheoremSlides, Video
02/07Fast Fourier TransformSlides, Video
02/14Graphs and PathsSlides, Video
02/28Shortest Paths and MSTsSlides, Video
03/07Disjoint Sets and Path CompressionSlides, Video
03/14Greedy AlgorithmsSlides, Video
03/21Dynamic ProgrammingSlides, Video
04/04Linear Programming and DualitySlides, Video
04/11Maximum FlowSlides, Video
04/18Zero-Sum GamesSlides, Video
04/25Search Programs and IntractabilitySlides, Video
05/02???Slides, Video

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