Owen Jow

Graphics & Image Processing


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There are a lot of things going on in this project.

The first of these is a sharpening implementation. As it happens, images are perceived as “sharp” due to a prevalence of high frequencies, or edges. Thus, to sharpen an image all we have to do is extract its high frequencies… and then just add them back in again.

Next, we take it upon ourselves to create a hybrid image. A hybrid image combines low frequencies with disparate high frequencies, such that from afar it is only possible to see the low-frequency content but from up close it is more natural to focus on the high frequencies. We generate a hybrid image as the sum of these two components.

After that, we assemble Gaussian and Laplacian stacks of our images, which highlight the various types of observable frequencies.

Finally, we attempt to seamlessly merge pairs of images using a multiresolution blending technique. Essentially, we linearly combine the images at different layers of their Laplacian stacks (using a Gaussian masking stack as weights), and eventually sum up all of the results.