Welcome! My name is Owen Jow, and I'm the TA for sections 116 (Tu 12:30-2p in 271 Soda, Th 12:30-2p in 3111 Etcheverry) and 140 (Tu 5-6:30p in 277 Soda, Th 5-6:30p in 3 Evans).

Supplementary Notes for Lab 11

Here are some notes on Lab 11’s content (streams, sets, and binary trees). I’ll go over them at the beginning of class.

Box and Pointers Review Worksheet

Hey guys, back with a bit of review material for your second midterm. More specifically I’ve got a worksheet on box-and-pointer diagrams; apart from Spring 2016 MT2 there hasn’t been a lot of chance for such practice. Incidentally, it was suggested in our staff meeting that we go over box-and-pointer diagrams in lab… which, you know, may or may not imply something about their relevance to the exam. (Read: I do suggest you do these.)

Here’s the worksheet. Here are the solutions.

I’ll also walk through the first question in lab tomorrow, for those of you who might not understand boxes and/or pointers. And/or diagrams.

Godspeed, all –

Brief Overview of MT1 Topics

Hello students! I know you’ve been looking forward to today’s midterm and that you’re probably swamped in all the review material our course has accumulated over the years. In light of this, I’ve thrown together my own “last-minute” topical overview. Naturally, it is in no way superior to [really any] other resources you would have come across… and is indeed less useful in a good number of ways. In fact, given a choice between it and any other exam prep, I would choose the other exam prep 9 out of 9 times.

So why am I wasting your time with this? Well, perhaps you have already exhausted every alternative form of study material. Maybe you are simply bored of them. Conceivably you are insane. If any of these cases describe you, it won’t hurt to skim my words.

Oh yeah. As a disclaimer, I wrote a vast majority of it before looking at the midterm – so there’s really no telling if it will be primed in that regard.

Anyway, I suppose you can check it out for yourself. (At worst, it’ll just be a pretty quick read.) Without further ado I present to you a PDF.


Seriously though, best of luck! I’m rooting for you.

Some Environment Diagram Stuff

Hey everyone, just posting a document covering some of the different code cases that you’ll see for environment diagrams. (These were originally the windmill slides I passed over in discussion.) Unfortunately I didn’t get around to writing the solutions, but you can always check them for yourself in Python Tutor!

Said document can be found here.