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PSA: The Secret Navigation System

Hiya world! This is just a quick PSA about the secret 1 navigation system. It will be quick. It will also be about the secret navigation system.

What is this ‘system,’ you may ask? Well, it’s a keyboard-based means for navigating my website. If you arrived here from the index, you may have noticed that the individual pages of my website (portfolio / blog / CS 61A so far) lack a navbar or any other convenient way of maneuvering amongst themselves. The only obvious way to switch pages is to manually enter the URL, or to return to the index and go from there.

I know what you’re thinking: that’s completely unacceptable! I hate this website! Well, don’t be too quick to judge, my friend because this is where the secret navigation system comes in. Now, in order to switch to a page all you have to do is type the first letter of its associated topic. For instance, to go to the CS 61A page from here you would type a C . It’s that easy!

So yeah. Don’t say I never gave you anything, guys. :)

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1 Although maybe I shouldn’t be calling it the secret navigation system anymore.